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What To Sell at ThriftMouse

We accept most all gently used items for babies and kids that are not on the recall list, however there are seasonal restrictions on clothing.

Items Accepted at all Sales:

  • Clothing Preemie to Junior sizes (16/18) – jeans, dress pants, socks, shirts, dress-up, swimsuits, special occasion dresses/clothing, sports uniforms, boy scouts, girl scouts, bluebird, dance, other uniforms, raincoats, etc.

    • NOTE: We realize some popular teen brands are now offering children's sizes yet they are not sized by number. Aeropostale, Hollister, American Eagle, and Abercrombie are accepted IF you choose the size equivalent on the tag

  • Shoes – must look LIKE NEW and CLEAN!

  • Maternity and breastfeeding clothing 

  • Belts, Hats, and Clothing Accessories

  • Bedding Infant/ juvenile sheets, blankets, comforters & sleeping bags only PLEASE ~ NO STAINS, TEARS OR EXCESSIVE WEAR

  • Toys, puzzles, music, board games– Items must have all pieces & battery operated toys must contain WORKING batteries

  • Children’s Books (appropriate for 16 yrs & younger). Pregnancy and Parenting Books. - Be careful with tape! You don’t want the books to rip when tape is removed. Individual books sell better than a group of random books. Related books & sets can be bundled together. Tie multiple times with strong twine, NOT YARN. BE SURE TO PUT ALL BOOK TITLES ON YOUR PRICE TAG!

    • Including home school curriculum

    • If the book was previously owned by a library, it must be stamped "withdrawn" or "discarded". Otherwise it still belongs to that library and will be rejected during inspection

  • CD’s and DVD’s - please make sure the correct one is in the correct case!- if sold in groups tie with strong twine-yarn will break- do not place in baggies, must have original cases.

  • Children’s sports equipment

  • Wagons, ride-on-toys, playhouses, swings, play yards, play mats, play kitchens, kids tool/work benches, picnic tables

  • Dolls, doll beds, doll houses, doll cribs, doll strollers

  • Barbie, Barbie houses, Barbie Cars

  • Tea sets, play dishes, play food

  • Outdoor play equipment (slides, gyms, swings, sand boxes, kiddie pools, etc.) & Little Tike items are BIG sellers

  • Trains, Train tables

  • Stuffed animals that move, talk, walk, sing, etc. (No plain stuffed animals will be accepted unless new with Tags)

  • Rocking horses, riding toys, children’s tables & chairs, castles

  • American Girl, Bitty Baby, Corelle, Specialty Dolls, Clothing and Accessories

  • Bicycles must be in excellent condition…no rust! Breaks must work and tires must be inflated upon inspection

  • Strollers, walkers, infant swings, bouncy seats, high chairs, exersaucers, guardrails, etc.

  • Bumbos, activity mats & play gyms

  • Bathtubs & bath toys Diaper pails, potty chairs, bath seats & bath toys – must be completely cleaned and sanitized before drop off

  • Diaper bags

  • Rocking chairs and gliding rockers

  • Safety gates

  • Children’s Furniture -- toddler beds, bassinets, cradles, changing tables, dressers/chests, pack n plays – must be in great shape, these items must be completely assembled at drop off. We will NOT put these items together for you. Must have all required screws and assembly instructions.

  • Cribs - Because of our high regard for the safety of children, we will NOT accept ANY cribs manufactured before December 2010. Cribs manufactured between December 2010 and June 28, 2011, must have a certificate of compliance and not be recalled. Any crib manufactured after June 28, 2011, and has not been recalled, can be consigned as long as it meets our quality standards. Any crib that is consigned must have a crib waiver filled out. Please visit CPSC’s web site for additional information on the crib recall

  • High chairs

  • Car Seats & Booster Seats: seats must 4 years old or newer, check the manufacture date printed on the seat. Can not have been in any accidents, even minor ones. Check the website National Highway and Transportation Safety Administration to see if it has been recalled. You will sign a form indicating your car seat is not expired and has not been in a crash when you drop off your items

  • Children’s picture frames, rugs, mobiles, lamps, and night lights – must have working light bulbs so they can be tested

  • Nursing Items, nursing pillows, & nursing covers and nursing clothes

  • Closed System Breast pumps – due to health and safety concerns of open system breast pumps, we will only accept closed system pumps. For additional information about used breast pumps, please visit the La Leche League’s, and FDA’s page

  • Baby monitors

  • Baby carriers, wraps, & slings

  • Pretty much anything else you can think of that your child has; that is in good to new condition

  • PLEASE NOTE: We do NOT have a limit on the total number of items you may bring!

Seasonal Clothing Accepted Spring/Summer:

  • Shorts, capris

  • Tank Tops

  • Sandals

  • Summer dresses

  • Light weight Pajamas

  • Easter attire

  • Spring and light weight sweaters

  • Spring and light weight jackets

Seasonal Clothing Accepted Fall/Winter:

  • Long sleeve shirts

  • Heavy Pajamas

  • Costumes

  • Winter/Holiday attire

  • Winter sweaters

  • Winter jackets

We Cannot Accept:

If any of the following items are brought in, they will be denied or removed from the sales floor. Thank you for your help!

  • Safety recalled items of any kind. 

  • Anything that is NOT CLEAN

  • Anything that is NOT in GOOD/EXCELLENT condition

  • Anything that is broken, damaged or missing parts

  • No clothing with drawstrings (in waist or neck). No hooded sweatshirts with the drawstrings still attached. Hooded sweatshirts are highly recalled. Check for recalls. We will not accept them with the drawstrings still attached

  • No VHS tapes

  • No Children’s Jewelry

  • Off-Season items

    • Shorts, Capri’s, Spring Jackets, Sun Dresses, and Easter clothing will only be accepted at Spring sales

    • Heavy coats, snow suits, Halloween costumes, and Christmas/holiday items will only be accepted at the Fall/Winter sales

  • Clothing items that were tagged incorrectly so as to leave a hole in the clothing

  • Outdated clothing (generally 5 years old or older); very worn, “pilled”, stained, dirty, smelly or torn clothes. Clothing with missing buttons or zippers

  • Fast food kids meal toys or grab bags

  • Used teething rings, used pacifiers or used yellow latex nipples. We do accept clear, silicone nipples

  • Movies without cases

  • Car seats that have been in an accident or are older than 4 years old

  • Mattresses

  • ALL drop side cribs have been recalled and ARE NOT accepted. Any cribs made before June 2011 will not be accepted unless they are up to current standards

  • DIRTY or STAINED clothing, toys, shoes, or equipment

  • Crib Bumpers (breathable kind are okay) – If your bedding set includes a non-breathable bumper please pull it out or your complete set will be pulled from the sales floor

  • Television Electronics (Guitar Hero, Gaming systems, etc) – Quality Assurance Team has no way to test television electronics

  • No liquid or perishable items. (Example: bubbles, EZ Bake Oven food, etc) NOTE: New, sealed formula canisters are accepted with 3+ months shelf life

  • Open system breast pumps

Examples of Rejected Items: 

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