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Go Through your Things & Declutter your space!

Pre-loved Consignments are those gently used, super cute, like new, cherished items that are now taking up space in your home.

NOW Let’s Gather Your Items

Grab a bin

Go through your children’s toys and put the toys they are no longer using or no longer want

Check their dressers and closets for clothes

Don’t forget to check the closets for those stored items that are no longer being used/worn

Check the other closets in your house where you might have stored some of their items

Check the garage

Check the yard

Now that you have gathered everything you are ready to start going through them to make sure they are ready to consign.

In general, items must be in excellent, clean and odor free condition with no signs of wear and no damage such as pilling, tears, holes, missing buttons, dysfunctional zippers, and stains.

Please remember that it is important to spend a little extra time getting your items ready. This will make a HUGE difference on your profits. Clothes that are clean, pressed, and smell fresh, with buttons and zippers closed, look better and generally sell quicker. Starch, a little bleach, an iron, or a needle and thread work wonders! The same applies to furniture, large toys and outdoor play equipment. Remove all dirt, grime and marks.


Make sure all parts are included; place any small parts in zip-lock bags, then securely attach the bag to the main part. If you have the manuals, please put them in a zip-lock bag and attach them to the item. Presentation sells your items, so a few extra seconds here, sells more of your items, which means more money for YOU!

Clean, wash, sanitize your items. Hang clothes. Presentation is EVERYTHING when consigning!

More info in the following steps on how to specifically prepare all of your items 

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