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Entering Inventory

Entering you items into our system is quicker if you gather and organize first. The system remembers what you entered last so all you have to do is enter the price and description if it’s in the same category. Once you have entered a few items and are familiar with the categories (drop down list) you will FLY through tagging your items!

Entering you items does NOT have to be done all at once so feel free to log in and spend as much time as you need. But remember that all items must be entered by Monday, of the Sale Week (in person sale only). Tags can be printed after this time but inventory cannot be entered or updated (in person sale only). So remember to enter before the deadline so you are not caught short and miss out selling all the items you want.


Quick reminder before you start entering inventory into the system, please check all your sale items against the CPSC recall list. If any of your items are on the recall list, they ARE NOT to be brought to the sale (unless you have fixed the item to the manufacture’s specifications where applicable). Check for recalls now. You can order repair parts if needed and get them before the sale starts. Please remember YOU are the re-seller, not ThriftMouse. We are only facilitating the sale. Thank you in advance for your assistance with this.

1. Log into the inventory web site using your email address and password you provided when you first signed up.

Consigner Login.png

or if you are a new consigner click on the       "Need a consigner number?" and you're on you way to registering! 

New Consigner registration .png

Confirmation of registration 

confirmation message.png

2. This is the home menu you will see once you have registered and paid your consigner fee.  This page lets you see the sale you are associated with, items you have in your inventory and any jobs you are scheduled for.

Home page .png

3. Click on my homepage from the previous menu and it takes you to this, which is where you can see your name, address, number of items entered, dollar amount of items, how many sold items and more. You can also sign up for your drop off and pick up appointments here and sign up to volunteer. 

homepage for consigners.png

4. Click on Menu in the top left. Select work with inventory

top left .png

5. It will take you to this page

 Click on add inventory. 

add inventory.png

6. Click on the Version you will be using 


7. This is where you enter your items. Enter your item name, price, category, size, whether to donate or not if your item doesn't sell by the end of the sale. And to discount or not on our 50% off day on Sunday. 

active inventory .png

8. Tag Printing Options (in person sale only)

tag printing options.png

9. Select print all tags (in person sale only)

print all tags.png

10.Once you select print all tags you click on the 'Display Tags for Printing' link (in person sale only)


11. This is an example of how your tags will look like. Your print them on white card stock, cut them out and then tag them to your items (with the tagging gun.) (in person sale only)


Helpful Inventory Tips


  • Be as descriptive as possible on your tag description. During heavy shopping times, some tags are found on the sales floor. If you are detailed we can normally pair the tag back to your item. Brand Name, color, AND fabric description should be on every tag. If you just type "Summer dress" we may never find it or possibly put the tag on the wrong item.


  • If you have clothing with a size range, please use the smallest numerical size. For example, 6-9 months, should be sized 6 months on your tag.

  • Do not use S, M, or L as these designations are used differently from one brand to the next! Please choose the corresponding numerical size. Exception – Maternity may use S, M, or L.

  • If an item runs small, (i.e. a 2T fits exactly like all of your 18 month items), label item as 18 months in the size area on the price tag and write “FITS LIKE 18MO” in the description area of the price tag. When you drop off, please have this item grouped with your other 18 month items.

  • If selling more than one item together please note the number of pieces being sold as a set. Example: "set of 3" or “3 pieces”

  • Wording and descriptions on your tag can be an important factor in helping an item sell. Using key words-- "like new", "hard to find", “barely used”, "Brand New," "Hardly Used," "Washed, but Never Worn," "Retails for ....", noting the brand name, etc. will definitely want to grab shopper’s attention and help them decide to purchase your item instead of the similar item displayed right next to it. Often it comes down to price, but sometimes it's the packaging that makes it sell.

  • If it is gender neutral clothing, please tag it as “boys”.

  • Ask yourself, "Would I buy the item at this price if I saw it in the sale?" If you think it looks too worn, outdated, or stained, etc. then donate it. If you find issue with it why would you want someone else want to go home with it? Consignor’s golden rule:

       Don’t sell what you wouldn’t buy!

  • Price competitively. Ask yourself, what you would pay for the item? Or think of the very least you would consider taking for it and that should be your price. Don't allow yourself to get emotionally attached to the items. This is a great opportunity to clean out your closets and kids’ rooms. Do not let your time and energy go to waste by not selling everything you put in the sale. Today’s consumers spend less, looking only for items value priced. Price it to sell. You can also look at our pricing guide for additional suggestions.

  • We strongly recommend that you mark your items for discount so that they will go ½ price on Sunday. If your item hasn’t sold at full price during the regular sale, it will most likely not sell at full price during the half-price day. Remember 90% of Sunday shoppers are only shopping the sale items. Thus, we encourage you to discount since it's more satisfying to take home a bigger check than a load of unsold items!

  • If you will be donating your items that do not sell, please consider letting them go at half price instead of ‘N” for "no discount".

  • Make note, we will sell your item for what is priced in the barcode. If you change a price on any item, you MUST print a new tag. Shoppers get very annoyed and sometimes put items back if the printed price differs from the sale price that the computer scans. Make sure you are thorough as you are tagging.

  • Print tags on WHITE card stock. We ask you to use WHITE card stock only as it scans easier and this makes check-out go faster!

  • Separate tags with scissors; a paper cutter comes in handy if you have lots of tags to cut.

  • When using clear packing tape to adhere tags to toys, do NOT tape over the bar code.

  • Please remember the barcode tells the computer the price, so they must look clear and crisp. Make sure nothing is printed on the opposite side of your tag, particularly nothing with a barcode!

  • Do not attempt to shrink or modify the shape of the tag as this will make it difficult to scan. Tags should print landscape on page and fill most of an 8.5 x 11 sheet of card stock.

  • Changes to your tag involving the price or whether the item will be discounted must be made in the system, not with a pen.

  • All tags MUST be visible! This is particularly important with clothing. Please make sure that all clothing tags are hanging outside the garment.

  • If you know in advance that you will donate a particular item if it does not sell, please check the "Donate" field when you create the tag for that item, and we will take care of getting it to our Charity Partner! At the end of the sale, any unsold items will be sorted back out into Consignor number order so that individuals may easily Pick-Up their unsold items. At that time, consignors often choose to donate some or all of their unsold items. If you do not return for your items during the designated time they will be donated regardless of how they are marked - no exceptions. Please be on time.

  • It is important that each tag be attached to the garment itself, not to the hanger. If a tag becomes separated from an item, the item will be placed in the lost and found for consigners to look through during pick up and, if not claimed, the item will be donated.

  • On large ticket items such as furniture, toys, and electronics, we suggest you list the retail price so buyers understand what a good deal they are getting. It’s also a great idea to attach a picture of that item with the pricing, if you can find it on the internet.

Other Printing Options

Check with someone who has a laser printer. This type of printer is your best option. Or upload a .pdf copy of your tags to Office Max, Staples, Office Depot, Fed Ex Office, or another local printer. You can upload the file from your computer at home or work and pick them up within a short time.

The system to enter your items is very user friendly. However, if you have questions, please e-mail us at It is our desire to keep this process quick and easy for everyone.



Watch This Video To See How To Tag Your Items!

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