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Consigner Drop-off

We strive to have the highest quality sale items for our shoppers. That means all items must be in excellent condition with no rips, tears, holes, missing buttons, broken zippers, or stains. Also, please make sure you have prepared your items per our instructions so not to damage them (see Consignor pages for more information on our standards). Please make sure your items meet these standards, because if they do not, we will return them to you during item inspection.

Drop-Off Appointments

During the drop-off dates there are limited appointment times available, or you can walk-in any time during the drop-off times. Early or late arrivals to appointment times are considered walk-ins. Please note that if you do not have a drop-off scheduled during the drop-off block time you will be worked in as quickly as possible, but those with confirmed times will be screened first and have priority.

Appointments will be scheduled every 15 minutes during the designated drop-off hours. You can sign up for a drop off appointment by logging into your consignor account. Consignors MUST schedule 30 minutes for your first 100-125 items and 15 minutes per additional 100 items or fraction there of.

What to do in advance to prepare for a pleasant, efficient Drop Off experience:

  • Schedule and keep your Drop Off appointment.

  • Make certain you have pre-registered online and have received e-mail confirmation.

  • Check to make sure your items have been properly tagged.

  • Make sure your tags and pieces are secure.

  • ALL items must be cleaned prior to your drop off appointment. We do not have the space or time for you to clean your items at drop-off.

  • Check for recalls - any items currently on a recall list cannot be accepted.

For Efficient Drop Off:

  • Group all items by shopper number. 

  • Do not show up with tags unattached. Everything must be ready to go in the shoppers bags.

  • Pack a supply kit with pens, packing tape, cable ties just in case you arrive and find a tag has wiggled loose! We cannot give you a tag with your code on it!

  • Bring a hand truck/ wagon/cart for quick drop-off .

  • Please consider leaving kids at home during drop-off, as it will make your drop-off go faster.

During Drop Off we will:

  • Confirm you have been registered.

  • Inspect clothing and equipment for quality and condition.

  • Check to make tags comply with our instructions and are properly attached.

  • If you have any car seats, booster seats and/or cribs you will need to fill out waivers for these items at drop-off.

  • Please be prepared to assemble or bring assembled any large items (high chairs, playhouses, etc.). Remember to bring necessary tools and allow extra time for assembly.

We have an amazing group of VIPs that will go through you items and return any items that may not be acceptable. 

Our goal is to provide all shoppers with great quality items. So we screen items very closely as to maintain the quality of our sale. Please look through your items very carefully at home. Toys and baby equipment MUST be clean and have all parts!! Clothing MUST be free of stains, tears and odors! Please do not be offended if we turn any of your items away. It is often easy to miss a spot or tear when you are getting items ready at home. Sometimes stains will show up under the lighting at the venue. 

Many of our consignors will also be our biggest shoppers and we want YOU to have confidence that you are buying the best quality merchandise.

Stained/Dirty Equipment

This is up to the discretion of the QC person checking you in. We know your life is very busy and chaotic, but truly, items sell for a higher price when they look like new. So, take out that toothbrush and a little soapy water and clean the straps on your high chair and car seats. It pays off in $$’s. Small stains–but not caked-on food– or big stains on high-ticket, very popular items like baby carriers, strollers, and high chairs are more likely to be overlooked than a stained baby tub or bath ring.

Broken Items or Items With Missing Parts

If you’re unable to put it together in front of us (big ticket items, not small toys), then it’s missing something and won’t be accepted. This includes unfolding and folding strollers and high chairs. Also, if your toys look incomplete, it will be returned.

Battery-Operated Toys Without Working Batteries

We know it’s a pain, but this is the only way we can ensure your items work. This also includes battery-operated swings and bouncy seats.


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