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Shopping Etiquette & Tips

  • No diaper bags and no large purses. Remember your payment option and valid ID. A fanny pack keeps hands free to browse and haul.

  • Please wear comfortable shoes and clothes.

  • Bring a “wish list” that includes your children’s clothing and shoe sizes. Don’t forget to shop for the next size because inevitably children have a growth spurt the week after the sale!

    • Bring your child’s measurements and a tape measure.
      A quick way to check the length of pants is to measure a pair from home using a piece of string. Cut the string so it is from the waist to the bottom of the pant leg. If the pants at the sale are shorter then the string, you know they will be too short on your child.


    • Trace around your child’s foot on a piece of paper or cardboard, cut it out and bring it with you to slip into shoes. We encourage you to leave your children at home and this is the best way to see “if the shoe fits”.

    • We are sorry, but there are no dressing rooms available.

  • Shoppers are welcome to bring a basket (laundry or other), bin or large tote to carry your items in during the sale but please do NOT bring your own shopping bags. We have some large Ikea bags for you to use while you shop, but during our busy times we may be running low. Bags will be checked at the door when exiting the sale.

  • Bring a friend with you! It is always more fun to shop with a friend, or two!

  • Children are allowed however, we strongly suggest that you leave them at home if at all possible. Our sales are crowded & busy and are not always a fun or safe place for small children.

    • In the event that you must bring your children with you, WE ASK THAT YOUR CHILDREN REMAIN WITH YOU AT ALL TIMES AND THAT THEY DO NOT PLAY WITH OR ON ANY OF THE TOYS OR BIKES. This allows us to maintain the quality of our consignors’ items.

    • Strollers without baskets are welcome. Strollers must be empty, except for your sweet child of course. No diaper bags, large purses, etc.

    • For security reasons your stroller, infant carrier, etc. will be tagged upon entering.

  • No Animals Allowed! Except service animals that are specifically trained to enrich the lives of people with disabilities, increasing their mobility and independence. Service animals are NOT pets.

  • We offer a “HOLD” area for our shoppers, items may be held for 1 hour before being returned to the sales floor.

  • We ask that shoppers are respectful of our consignors’ items. Re-hang items you decided not to buy. Don't leave items laying on the floor or in discard piles around the venue. Please find a VIP and they will happily put the items back on the sales floor.

  • Please don't let your children to rip open or play with the items for sale. These are the property of our consignors and cannot be sold if damaged or parts are separated.

  • We have an item inspection station for anyone who would like to have an item opened or tested to make sure it has all pieces and works properly. Please do not take items apart on the sale floor. Ask a VIP for assistance. While we do our best to check all items that are for sale are complete and working, if something is taped shut, do not assume that it means all the pieces are there or that it works. Please remember that these items are used and should always be inspected by you before you purchase them. Thank you for your understanding.

  • When purchasing large items that have a claim ticket, tear off bottom and take this with you to check out.

  • If you purchase a large item such as a changing table, etc., please be prepared to disassemble and move it yourself. Consider bringing a large vehicle and/or friend, because you never know what you will find. Whenever possible, our VIPs will help out, but depending on staffing levels it may not be possible.We are unable to hold purchased items.

  • Come back on Sunday, you will be amazed at how many great deals are still out of the floor and many of the items are half price!

  • We have made EVERY effort to ensure that no recalled items are in our sale, however we will have an computer available at the sale for you to check for recalls before you purchase any items or you can check from your phone.

  • Cash is preferred, but we do accept Visa, Master Cards and Debit Cards with valid ID. NO CHECKS PLEASE!

  • Have you consider Consigning or becoming a VIP? Consignors shop before the public and our VIPs shop first (translation: they get the best deals).

All Sales Final. No returns or exchanges. We accept Cash or Credit Card with ID. Shoppers using cash can check out in our express lane. Visa and MasterCard require a $15 minimum purchase.

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