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Helpful Tips & FAQ's

Helpful Tips for Consignors

  • Make sure you read through all of our consignor pages before you start entering and tagging your items. This will save your from having to re-do your tags to meet our standards.

  • Gather your supplies – tagging gun, barbs, etc.

  • If this is your first time consigning, we suggest that you begin with the current season. Try to gather everything together, but don’t be overwhelmed! Don’t attempt to do it all in that first sale. Take a manageable amount to work on, and organize/store the rest for later! Each season if you clean out a bit more, you’ll eventually have organized closets with room to spare!

  • The most difficult part is getting your items together and prepared/cleaned for tagging. So just work an hour or two in the evenings.

  • Start working on item preparation early, so you do not have to marathon it for drop-off.

  • For clothing, start with your largest size and work your way down to the smaller sizes.

  • You may have difficulty letting go of some things. Keep special outfits and meaningful toys. But remember if you plan on using equipment later for other children, you’ll probably want to get something newer. And you’ll realize a more significant profit if you turn things around quickly. Playpens kept in hot attics over prolonged periods of time usually have yellowed, dry-rotted netting. And later children may not wear the same size clothes during the same season. So learn to let go. Clean out those closets…make some money!

  • Many websites can be helpful in pricing your toys and equipment. We suggest that you print out current pricing information and attach it to your item. This is helpful in selling your item, by pointing out to the buyer what a deal she/he is getting! The following websites may prove helpful:


  • Print out manufactures instructions for your items. Check your manufacture’s website for production instructions or search online for product manuals.

  • If this is your first time consigning, we suggest saying "YES" to discounting your items on our half price day! Once your items are out of your house, you don’t want to bring them back home. While people are shopping they always have a “maybe” pile that they would like to buy if only the items were a little cheaper. When they see items marked for discount, they will come back on Sunday to shop the discount day and always end up buying more! Save “No discount” for special items that you are having a hard time parting with.

Tips for Preparing for Future Sales

The biggest tip we can give you is to prepare your items throughout the year; doing a little at a time.

  • Find a spot in your home for your consignment items, the back of a closet, an extra rod your laundry room, a storage bin in your basement, etc., any place where you can put aside items you come across that you want to consign.

  • Sort as you do laundry. When you find clothing still in great condition but your child has outgrown put it on a hanger in your spot or bin. It’s clean, may need to be ironed but ready to go.

  • Sort as you clean. When you find a toy, book, or anything your child has outgrown just put it in your storage bin or spot. If you use storage bins make sure they are NOT the “see through” type – a child never wants a toy more than when they think you are going to get rid of it!

  • Sort when you switch closets over season to season. This way all your items are prepared and ready to be tagged when you are!



The biggest question we get is “Where can I get hangers?” Unfortunately, there is no easy answer to this question. Below are the best tips we can give on obtaining hangers:

  • Check with local dry cleaners for wire hangers they may be discarding.

  • Speak with the manger of Old Navy, Marshall’s, Walmart, etc. about any unwanted hangers they may have at their store. Best to try this approach in the “off season” (a month or two after a sale) as they probably get many phones calls prior to our sale.

  • Check or post to Craigslist or Freecycle.

  • Collect your hangers throughout the year. Let friends and family know you’ll take any hangers off their hands.

  • Ask to keep hangers when you buy new clothes for your kids or speak with store managers to see if they ever dispose of their hangers and if they would be willing to let you know when they get rid of hangers and/or if they would let you collect some. Ask for additional hangers when making purchases.

  • Ask at consignor pick up. We sometimes end up with extra hangers at the end of each sale. We try to get as many surplus hangers as possible onto a “Help Yourself” bin during the consignor sort & pick up for consignors who want them.

Q. What is consignment?

Consignment is when an item is given to an agent to sell. You are the consignor and are doing the consigning with the agent, Thrift Mouse. Consignors (sellers), like you, bring us their items and we organize, advertise, and operate the sales event for a percentage of the sales price plus a small consignor fee.

Q. What does it mean to Consign?

As a Consignor you prepare your items according to our instructions and bring your items to us. You set your own price on your items! Thrift Mouse does all the promoting and legwork to sell those items for you. Once the sale is complete, we send you a check for your earnings ten (10) business days after the sale ends. Our consignors also get to shop before the public at our consignor pre-sale.

Q. What percentage of the selling price will I get?

Consignors receive 65 percent of each item's selling price. There is a $10.00 consignor fee due upon registration. If you would like to earn more, please become a VIP (see VIP pages for additional information on VIP benefits). Our VIPs keep up to 80% of each item's selling price.

Q. When will you send my money?

We mail checks within ten (10) business days after the sale ends. Unless you are a VIP Team Lead Consignor, you will receive your check when you pick up your items at the end of the sale. 

Q. Will you return my hangers?

All clothing items must be placed on hangers according to our directions. When someone buys your items, we don't remove the hangers; thus we can't return them to you.

Q. How will I know which items sold?

Our automated system will allow you to track your items throughout the sale. Sale statistics will be available nightly on the website.

Q. Can I hand-write my tags?

No. All tags must be created using our automated system. Every item you enter in our system is given an individual barcode that will be printed on each tag. That barcode is scanned during our check out process and is how we know your items are sold. No handwritten tags will be accepted.

Q. Can I use tags from an automated sale other than ThriftMouse?

Yes, we can accept other consignment sale’s tags. You will need to let us know what consignor number you need when you register for our sale. If that consignor number is available and the other sale’s tags can be read by our system you will not need to re-tag those items. We request that you enter any new items you may have and tag with our tags. Please note that you will only see limited information when the item sales (item number and price) from our software, so you will have to reference the other sale’s item list for details. We do request that you let us know what items you are brining before the sale so that we can adjust our floor space accordingly. For additional information please see our Transferring Tags Page.

Q. Can I use straight pins to attach my tags?

No. They don't work well, and they can injure people.

Q. Do I have to hang/place my items on the sale floor?

No, we do it all for you. Once your items have been inspected and approved by our screeners, our fabulous VIP crew will place all of your items on the sale floor for you. We will also have your clothes gathered and ready for you to pick up after the sale is over. We try to make the consignment experience as easy and enjoyable as possible.

Q. Can I bring my children with me?

Children are allowed however, we strongly suggest that you leave them at home if at all possible. Our sales are crowded & busy and are not always a fun or safe place for small children. However, if you have no alternatives for child care then of course your children are welcome. For your child's safety, WE ASK THAT YOUR CHILDREN REMAIN WITH YOU AT ALL TIMES AND THAT THEY DO NOT PLAY WITH OR ON ANY OF THE ITEMS OFFERED. This allows us to maintain a highest quality of our consignors’ items available to our shoppers. If your child damages an item you will be required to pay for it, it wouldn't be fair to our consignors otherwise.

Strollers without baskets are welcome. Strollers must be empty, except for your sweet child of course. No diaper bags or large purses. For security reasons, your stroller, infant carrier, car seat, etc. will be tagged upon entering. We will also be checking all bags and strollers upon departure for security.

Please keep in mind that you can do some serious bargain hunting at our events. This type of shopping takes a great deal of your attention and we all know shopping with little ones can be distracting.

Q. What if I am missing an item? Does Thrift Mouse pay me for that item?

We try to take precautions to keep you from becoming a victim of shoplifters, which is why we need so many VIPs to act as vigilant eyes and why we prohibit strollers with baskets, diaper bags, and large purses to be brought into our sales. However, Thrift Mouse is not liable for any missing items. We can only pay consignors for the items that are sold.

Q. What happens to the items that are not picked up by consignors?

Items left by consignors after the designated pick-up times become the property of Thrift Mouse. Those items shall be donated to our Charity Partner or any other non-profit, at the sole discretion of Thrift Mouse. No exceptions will be made, and Consignor shall have no right to compensation for said items. In the event you are unable to pick-up you may designate another person to pick-up your items for you.

Q: Will I get my tags back?

No, your tags stay on the items sold. But you can print a report after the sale that will give you all of the information for items sold.

Q. I don’t know how I should price my items. Do you have any suggestions?

A good rule of thumb is to ask yourself what you would pay for the item. Please see our Suggested Pricing Guide

✎ EditSign

 for additional pricing suggestions.

Q. I have consigned previously with Thrift Mouse, do I have to re-tag items?

No, you do not need to re-tag. The only time you need to re-tag is if you decide to edit information on the face of the tag, i.e. price, donate, discount, description or size. DO NOT HANDWRITE ON ANY TAGS. For security reasons, we cannot accept or honor any tags with handwriting on them.

To Consign at our next sale, you need to go to our Consignor Log In page and choose “Join this Consignment Sale” on the left side, fill out the request page and submit it. Then you login to the tagging system. The system will automatically take you to a page which allows you to move your desired unsold items to the next sale. This page allows you to see each item, and to deselect any items you don't want to move to the next sale. This page is always accessible if you need to move items later, too. For additional information please see our Transferring Tags Page.

Q. If I consign items, do I have to stay during the sale?

No, you do not need to be present during the sale. Cashiers will handle all transactions and your check will be mailed to you within ten (10) business days after the sale. If you do not mark your items to donate at the end of our sale, you MUST come back during consignor pick-up to claim any unsold items, otherwise they become property of Thrift Mouse and will be donated to Charity. If you would like to earn higher splits and shop earlier, please see our VIP pages for additional information.

Q. May I consign maternity clothing?

Yes, but it must be in excellent condition. Keep in mind that maternity clothes are not always a big seller, because of this we ask that you bring your best items. Shoppers are very choosy when it comes to maternity. Our best sellers are high end brands (Mimi Maternity, Pea in a Pod, Gap, etc.) and specialty items (work wear, coats, jeans, dresses, skirts, etc.) and of course brand new items with tags.

Q. Some of my clothes are brands other than those listed. Can I sell them too?

Yes! As long as the clothing is in great shape and is high quality, we'll accept any brand.

Q. Where do donated items go?

Currently, all our donated items go to our Charity Partner - Mother & Child Education Center. However, Thrift Mouse reserves the right to allocate donated items to other charities.

Any item marked for donation will go to a charity, ThriftMouse will never keep or profit from any items marked for donation.

Q. What are some of the popular brands?

Favorite Children's Clothing Brands: Abercrombie, Aeropastle, Amanda Remembered, American Eagle, Anavini, Baby Lulu, BabyNay, Bailey Boys, Beauxs et Belles, Brothers, Carriage Boutiques, Castles & Crowns, Charlie & Claire, The Children's Place, Columbia, Cottontail Originals, Crazy 8, Dillard's/Parisian, Disney, ELand, Feltman Brothers, Florence Eiseman, Funtasia, Too!, Gap, Gymboree, Hartstrings/Kitestrings, Holister, Janie & Jack, Justice, Just Ducky, Kate Mack, Kate & Libby, Kelly's Kids, Lilly Pulitzer, Lucky Jeans, Matilda Jane, Mini Boden, Mulberry Street, Mulberribush, Naartjie, Nike, North Face, Old Navy, Orient Expressed, Papo d'anjo, Plantation Shop, Polo/Ralph Lauren, Potato Saks, Pottery Barn Kids, Ragsland, Rosalina/Sweet Angela, Remember Nguyen, Roxy, Secret Wishes, Sweet/New Potatoes/Two Turtle Doves, Spudz, Tommy Hilifiger, Velani, Vineyard Vines, Vive la Fete/Silly Goose, Zutano, Zyno, Zackali & many other popular names we all love!

Favorite Shoe Brands: Adidas, Nike, Columbia, Timberlands, Robbies, L'amour, Angel, Bear Feet, Elefaten, Footmates, Aster, Willits, Stride Rite, Keds, Jack Rogers, KidsExpress and many more!

Favorite Toys and Other Items: Our most popular toys are Little Tikes outdoor playgrounds, Step 2 toys, Racing Car beds, Kitchens, Doll Houses, Tool Benches, Barbie Jeeps, Brio wooden train sets, and American Girl Dolls and accessories. We also carry beautiful nursery furniture and bedding, cradles, car seats, strollers, high chairs, exer-saucers and walkers.


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