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Sell with us and receive 70% of the sale price for each of your items sold. YOU set your prices!

How does consigning work? 

1. Register to Consign (sell) 

2. Price and describe your inventory online

3. Print and attach your tags

4. Drop off your items on the drop off date 

5. Pitch in on a shift, or a couple! (There's PERKS!)

6. Shop the sale

 Get paid! Wait for your check in the mail :D

Perks of consigning with ThriftMouse

  • You can pass on things you no longer use and make space for new things for your kiddos!

  • You can declutter your space at a bulk! VS. one item at a time

  • No more NO SHOWS

  • Hundreds of buyers will see your stuff

  • No haggling over pricing

  • You decide if you discount your items on our half-price day

Okay I'm ready!
What's next? 

We’d suggest to Look through the following pages for a step by step breakdown of how to get your things ready to sell and what happens after. We suggest to do this before signing up so that you know what is expected and feel ready knowing exactly what to do.

Just like anything we do for the first time-it Can seem a little intimidating at first but you got this! And if you need any help or have additional questions look through the helpful tips tab or reach out! We’re here to help!

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